SRSA Setting Design

Who for: route setters who wish to improve the quality of their setting in a boulder environment.

Duration: 1 day.

Ratio: 1:8.

Style: Combined training and assessment.

Pre-requirements: Experience of bouldering, ability to climb F6a/V3.

Equipment: All specialised equipment will be provided.

At completion the candidate will have:

    • an understanding of the main requirements of setting design;

    • an understanding of how to improve the quality of their setting;

    • an understanding of ways in which to vary grades and movements;
    • an understanding of setting for the needs of different users;
    • gained setting experience that is transferable to roped setting;
    • be issued with a certificate of attendance


Course content

•  Proficiency in the basics of design setting, hold selection and the setting process;
•  Introduction to general design principles;
•  General planning and setting processes;
•  Setting to the needs of your facility;
•  Setting specific designs for climbers of different ages and sizes;
•  Safe Setting practice.