SRSA Rope Access Setter


Who for: climbers who wish to work as a qualified and competent roped route setter and have the skills to deal with rigging lines, hauling hold buckets, stripping and setting routes, and dealing with common emergencies, whilst also being compliant with current legislation.

Duration: 2 days. There will also be some recommended pre-course reading.

Ratio: 1:6.

Style: Combined training and assessment.

Pre-requirements: Indoor lead climbing to F6a, competent belaying and ropework skills. Ideally, some experience of boulder or other route setting.

Equipment: All specialised equipment will be provided.

At completion the candidate will:

  • hold a 3-year qualification valid in Scotland, plus UK-wide and overseas where accepted;
  • be issued with a certificate which will confirm demonstration of appropriate WaH skills at the required level, as required to safely carry out various roped route setting tasks and emergency procedures;
  • have a knowledge of current WaH legislation requirements, along with elements of other legislation such as LOLER and PUWER.

Course content


Role, remit and responsibilities
Legislation (WaH, PUWER, LOLER etc)
Equipment: PPE and non-PPE
Safety when rigging lines
Ascent and descent of working and back-up lines
Basic companion rescue from adjacent bottom-rope etc
Snatch rescue
Snatch rescue from weighted back-up or lanyard
Rigging haul lines
Hauling methods
Use of power tools
Hold attachment, stripping, bolts, pinning
Strip a route, set a route to specific grade
Strip working and back-up lines
Climb, tweak and grade route
Workspace tidy-up

Written Work

Hazards, risk assessment and mitigation (team exercise, small groups)

End-of-set handover sheet contents (team exercise, small groups)

Short written paper (individual)